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In Pain? Tired? Stressed?
Sound familiar?!
  • Kinesiology


  • Allergy Testing


  • Nutrition Advice


  • Help with many Health issues:


  • Pain management


  • Digestive upsets


  • Skin issues

  • Shamanic

Dr. Siobhan has 14 + years of training and client testimonials to help you achieve health and vitality by balancing your Mind, Body and Spirit. 
Working on your own wellbeing and changing basic eating habits will sustain your Health, Weight and Vitality in the long run.
Learn to take back control of your life @weightorhealth.

People Talk

I attended Siobhan's clinic as a complete sceptic & my only real motivation was to keep the other half happy while also proving her wrong more than anything else!At 38, while I wasn't over weight, I had no energy. I would wake up in the mornings tired & had to drag myself out of bed. I couldn't tell you what water tasted like, didn't see the need to exercise and had no energy to do so in any event!I felt bloated all the time & sometimes I would find it hard to digest my food. I regularly had a flaky scalp & perhaps, occasionally a small skin rash.But really it was no energy & while I wasn't 'sick enough' to attend a doctor, I knew I shouldn't be feeling the way I was.My first comment to Siobhan was that she was dealing with a sceptic! Her reply was to laugh & say 'no problem' only made me more determined!Siobhan diagnosed that I was allergic to strong chemicals & household cleaning products. The 2nd diagnosis was that I had a serious gluten intolerance and that I needed to change my diet immediately.The most interesting comment was that it would take 3 months before I would notice a difference. As someone who wants immediate results, this only made me more determined to prove it all wrong, so I signed up!I didn't have to exercise, I didn't have to radically change my diet, just more to avoid the things that Siobhan identified as irritants. There was no follow up appointments scheduled.3 months to the day, just as I was starting to believe that I was right all along & that it was all a waste of time, things changed. I can only describe it as a 'light bulb' moment.My energy levels shot up. I no longer felt bloated. I woke up every morning bursting with energy & just felt my age again! For someone who never played sport or exercised, I started running to basically use up my energy. This helped me to loose weight & this was a radical change as I never sought to loose weight. The weight loss was so fast that people began to wonder if I was ill. In reality it was The opposite in fact - I never felt better.4 years on, I still have never felt better. I have since ran many marathon distances, including a few 'sub 4' & I now run for fun & recreation.The weight has stayed off. I can instantly tell what foods I need to avoid but my appetite has actually improved & I enjoy food now.Probably the strangest thing is that I cannot stand certain household cleaners & will even avoid certain sections of the local supermarket!I have returned to Siobhan's clinic a few times since & it is always an education... Even for the old sceptic! It was a radical change for me & attending Siobhan was a focal point in turning my life around & a drastic improvement in the quality of my health.I couldn't recommend Siobhan highly enough & have referred many of my friends & work colleagues as I know now it works. Ps. The wife was right!! Alan BOI


After 16 years and €100's of euros trying to clear a serious case of psoriasis I went to Siobhan. Where Doctors and skin specialists failed to diagnose the real cause and cure my condition. Siobhan through 1 session successfully cleared my psoriasis. Not only did the do this but she also has given me back my energy levels that I had forgotten I had. And to cap it off I also lost over 2 stone in weight. At 36 years of age I have a new lease of life and am eternally grateful for everything she has done for me.



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