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Siobhan's Story

My Story from stressed corporate manager to a new
Happy, Healthy and Loving Life
Wellness coach.


I Graduated with a PhD in Food Science and Technology in 2004 in UCC.

After many years working in the food industry (Research in Food Science, Industrial bakeries, Chocolate factories) I was tired, in pain and my body was getting more immobile daily from a condition known as Fibromyalgia.  After the birth of my first child in 2007 I decided to get myself healthy and retrain for a career I was fascinated with and one that would allow me work from home around my children.


I Graduated as a Touch for Health Kinesiologist in 2007 and also learnt the art of Allergy testing using a muscle test.  I achieved a Complimentary therapy Diploma in 2008; this involved being intuned as a Reiki channel and qualifying as an Angel therapist and Crystal therapist.  I also qualified as a Feng Shui consultant at this time.

The Health, Wellbeing and weight management industry is a much more exciting and rewarding future for me.  It makes my job worthwhile to watch an unhealthy person become transformed, after only 1 session, into a person with some hope of a healthier future.  I love the phone call a few weeks later from the client who says ‘I cant believe I feel so much better after years of sickness, pain, tiredness, stress, etc.’.  The many testimonials I receive and thank you cards make my working life complete.


My main areas of expertise include Weight management, Stomach issues, Skin conditions, Pain, Tiredness, Stress, Immune support, Anti aging and Joint support.  These issues can lead to a number of other complaints, or in turn can be a causative effect of other complaints.  


Whatever your illness, pain or upset there is always a way to empower yourself to cope with or even overcome the problem.  

Let me empower You to heal Yourself. 

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