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Life can be crazy and stressful for many people.  This stress can lead to illness, depression and general anxiety during a life that is meant to be magical, relaxed and fulfilling.

Join us in Mindfulness and learn to stop this trend, breathe again and cope with Life.


11am                     Meet and greet with light refreshments**

11.20am                Opening ceremony to welcome everyone.

11.50am                Guided meditation.

12.20pm                Mandala mindfulness (with handouts).

12.55pm                Walking awareness (weather permitting). *

13.55pm                Mindful Lunch (vegetarian)**

14.45pm                Free writing for mindfulness (with handouts)

15.25pm                Mindful movement***

15.55pm                Snack in silence**

16.15pm                Mindfulness for everyday survival (with handouts).

16.45pm                Guided meditation - the journey to peace and healing.

17.25pm                Closing ceremony

18.00pm                Fond farewells to new friends.


*Bring outdoor shoes and warm clothes.

** All allergies to be reported in writing.

*** If suffering from any illness or bodily damage please report this before partaking in Mindful movement.  A suitable ability of movement will be advised to everyone of all physical abilities.  Nobody is left out!

Learn to Have a Mindful and Relaxed Life

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